Vicki Hiatt

Vicki Hiatt for Chair

As a retired school teacher, special education advocate, and life time member of KNEA, now is the time for us to cheer the success and involvement of so many women who have helped expand our causes in our state and at all levels.

That is why, today, I'm officially announcing that I will be running for Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party. My journey as Vice Chair started two years ago and has offered me amazing opportunities to learn about our state and the Democratic Party from the precinct level to the national level.

In the summer of 2017, I traveled to all 105 counties in Kansas to learn what I could about the communities and local Democrats. Some places were more challenging than others to find Democrats. Good new is: we're everywhere and growing.

I met with Democrats in libraries, restaurants, courthouses, and county fairs. Wherever they could gather, Democrats were organizing and preparing for change. I recruited candidates, trained candidates, attended county party meetings, and listened to elected officials at town halls. I attended fundraisers, committee meetings, state conventions, ASDC trainings, DNC conferences....AND an inaugural ball!

I hope you will join me in building our party for the future. I have four goals that have led me to declare my candidacy:

  • We must strengthen our party to protect our incumbent elected Congresswoman, Sharice Davids. Sharice represents a young future for our Democratic Party, and protecting her as a serving member of congress will be one of my top concerns. We also have to capitalize on our 2018 success to continue our challenges in all districts, forcing Republicans to compete everywhere. 2020 brings us an open race for US Senate - and it is time for our party to have a voice that represents all Kansans in the upper chamber.

  • Next year, we will be faced with a critical presidential election. Our next chair will be charged with building and planning our caucus. I've spent the last two years engaging with Kansas Democrats, traveling to all 105 counties, and I am aware of the challenges we face when we work to build a caucus that will welcome everyone.

  • Our party has an opportunity to give Governor Laura Kelly a platform to build on, and we can do that by electing more Democratic legislators in 2020. Giving Governor Kelly a bigger Democratic Caucus, in both the Senate and the House, helps open the door for success.

  • In order to achieve the first three goals, we absolutely must intensify our fundraising efforts. It is crucial that we expand our donor base and reach out to Democrats everywhere for support. Increased membership in our Blue Kansas Club will provide consistent money flow. In addition to our two statewide events with nationally known speakers, we must bring Democrats together for local events around the state to encourage donations everywhere and support candidates throughout our state.

I am excited and energized to begin this journey. Together, we can build our party for continued success! I look forward to talking to you in the days ahead, and I ask you for your vote on March 2nd.


Chris Roesel for Chair / Vice Chair

My promises to accomplish by 2020 follow*:

  • Organize the remaining counties

  • Win the US Senate race

  • Win 2+ US House races

  • Win 63+ Kansas house seats

  • Win 20+ Kansas senate seats

  • Turnout 65% of Kansas voters

  • Identify key priorities for Kansans

  • Polish messages for canvassers

  • Recruit and support candidates

  • Conduct unifying conference for Democrats

*I will need your help but hold me to these commitments.

After the Air Force Academy and Peace Corps, I studied how to improve the health and nutritional status of Americans and poor people all over the world. Behavior change, education, income, and empowerment are what I am trained to do and what I have done throughout the Americas, Africa, and Asia. I speak Spanish and other languages and understand many cultural differences. Serving people and delivering results is my passion. For more information, see me on LinkedIn (, Facebook (, or Amazon (

What have I accomplished? In Thailand, I improved the health and nutritional status of 250,000 refugees and displaced people on the border. In Bolivia, I collaborated with communities to build water, sanitation, immunization, and nutrition status for 60,000 people then won $12 million of funding for another project to serve another 60,000. In Ecuador, my projects placed sanitation, hygiene and survival for half a million people in 12 provinces of the country. On the Mexican Border, as WIC manager, I enhanced the health and nutritional status of 7,000 mothers and children. In Kansas, I have increased JCCC voter registration and turnout and gotten voter turnout surveys established for 4 Kansas colleges of about 50,000 students. I have also recruited precinct committee people and helped get additional Kansas counties registered with the Democratic Party.

Last election, I visited over a thousand voters’ homes, taking the opportunity to listen to them and publishing interesting comments from them to thousands of Facebook friends. Also, I have studied Kansas history and am now studying the Kansas environment. I visit forts, interesting towns, and museums because the history and environment are so interesting. My in-laws farm thousands of acres of the Great Plains, and I visit and learn from them, coming to grips with the environment, culture, and history. I attended JCCC for the last four years and KU last year. Kansas is my focus.

I want Kansas Democrats to win big! We can if we do the groundwork. Please vote for me to make it happen with your help. I look forward to visiting with each one of you in your counties.

Please vote for Chris Roesel for chair or vice chair. Also, tell me what you want to happen and what you think I should do. I listen and learn.


Brandon Johnson for Vice Chair

Over the last few days I have been humbled by the calls I have had with several individuals I consider friends and others with whom I hope to be in the very near future.

As many know, Executive Committee elections for the Kansas Democratic Party will take place this weekend at Washington Days and several positions will be up for vote.

This is important to me because it does matter what the party does for the people. It matters what the party ultimately stands for and it matters for our state to have common sense people in office.

Since the age of 19, I have been working in several areas of concern across the state of Kansas and in my hometown. Locally, as an activist, I have always sought to ensure that people were treated fairly and strive to ensure that individuals that needed a hand up were able to receive one.

In 2014, I was honored to be hired as one of 3 Regional Field organizers for KDP and learned quite a bit about what we can do to be more supportive on the ground level to ensure candidates are knowledgeable, engaged, and in the best position to represent those they intend to serve.

Since that time I have not only worked to ensure that we become more diverse in representation but also that we engage those whose voices haven't always been welcome to the dialogue. I have continued to work on the issues impacting my community and that ultimately led me to run for political office myself.

I know that there is quite a bit more work to do and for that reason, I will be in the running for Vice Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party.


Rehan Reza for Secretary

The mid-term election was a turning point for the Kansas Democratic Party (KDP). Our State become “a talking point” for all the major news medias with the election of Sharice Davids to Congress and Laura Kelly as our Governor. The Asian Pacific Islanders and minority communities living in Kansas played an active role during this election.

As the Secretary of the KDP and as an Asian, I worked with several such communities to raise funds and encouraged those who have never voted before, to come out and vote for our candidates state-wide.

This election is a very important time for the KDP as the elected members will be working directly with the Democratic Nominees and play a vital role in their campaigns for the 2020 Presidential Elections. I am running for the position of Secretary again. I humbly ask for your vote on Washington Day. Your support will enable me to continue with the wave I started amongst the Asian Pacific Islanders and minority communities as we go towards the Presidential Election.


  • Secretary - 2017-18

  • Vice Chairman - 2nd Congressional District. Re-elected in 2014. Held this position for 2 terms and Secretary position for 1 term.

  • Founder & Current Chairman of Kansas Asian American & Pacific Islanders Caucus since 2004.

  • Elected Delegate & Alternate - attended 2004, 2008, & 2012 Democratic National Conventions.

  • Acting Chairman - Shawnee County Democratic Party of Topeka. Served as Vice-Chairman for 3 terms.

FundRaising, Campaigning & Donating

Involved in raising funds, campaigning and making donations for Democratic candidates who run for local, state and national elections. Have financially supported and held fundraising events at my residence and other locations for the following candidates:

  • Laura Kelly, Governor

  • Kathleen Sebelius, former Governor and former HHS Secretary

  • Gubernatorial and Congressional candidate Paul Davis

  • Congressional candidate Tom Holland

  • Congresswoman Nancy Boyda

  • US Senator candidate and former Congressman Jim Slattery

  • Congressman Dennis Moore

  • Congressional candidate Raj Goyle

  • Congressional candidate Tobias Schlingensiepen

  • Congressional candidate Margie Wakefield

Asian American Pacific Islanders Caucus

(AAPI)-Represented the Kansas Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus in Washington DC in May 2015 at the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC ) Heritage Month Symposium.


  • Board Member & Chairman of for Downtown Topeka Rotary Club

  • Board Member - Human Relations Council, Topeka Mayor’s Office, Downtown Rotary Club, Topeka Advisor - Mid-America Asian Cultural Association (MAACA)

  • Ethnic Enrichment Commissioner for Bangladesh

  • Past Board Member - Let’s Help, Kansas Film Commission Board. Personally appointed by Kathleen Sebelius.


  • 2011 - Senator Anthony Hensley Exemplary Service Award by the Shawnee County Democratic Party

  • 2009 - Business and Humanitarian Leader in The Community Award from Crescent Peace Society

  • 2006 - Martin Luther King Jr. “Living the Dream' Political Action Award

Let’s work together towards a blue Kansas in 2020!!


Matthew Calcara for Secretary

It would be an honor and a privilege to be able to serve in this way, and I’m asking for your support. For those that don’t know me, a quick thumbnail sketch. I was born and raised in Johnson County (please don’t hold that against me!) by parents who hailed from the Great Bend area and the Holton/Centralia area.

Matthew Calcara Quick Facts:

  • Worked as a digital producer (meaning: I built & ran websites) for a decade for companies like Disney, Guthy|Renker, Capital Group, and Peter Greenberg Worldwide.

  • Former journalist with over a decade of experience with outlets including The Kansas City Star, NBC, CBS, CNBC, PBS, and various other magazines and newspapers

  • Precinct Committeeman for Olathe 4-14 since 2017

  • Ran for House District 30 in 2018

  • Elected as a State Committee Delegate for CD3

  • Managed the successful campaign of State Rep. Susan Ruiz

  • Recruited State Rep. Rui Xu to run for office

  • Attracted positive headlines for my fundraising ability:

  • Connected the leaders of RunForSomething to Kansas Democratic Party leadership, ensuring that Kansas was 1 of 14 states where the organization raised funds for candidates. RfS endorsees include State Reps. Xu & Woodard, Manhattan City Commissioner Jerred McKee and USD 383 School Board member Katrina Lewison.

  • Chair of the Kansas LGBTQ+ Leadership PAC and a member of the national campaign board of the LGBT Victory Fund, which spent ~$68K in support of State Reps. Ruiz & Woodard, allowing them to become the first openly-LGBTQ members of the Kansas Legislature.

The big takeaways from this list? I’d say they are that I have a lot of experience in digital communications, social media, and media relations—skills which would be very valuable for Kansas Democratic Party Secretary. And even more than that—I get stuff done. I’m the type of person who throws himself into tasks and is dogged in seeing them through.

Well that’s great, but what is he planning to do for me? Glad you asked! The main items that I would like to accomplish as your Secretary of the Kansas Democratic Party are as follows:

  • Develop a working group, along with a process, for county parties and candidates to request Spanish translations of campaign materials, websites, and anything else needing translation.

  • Develop a digital roadmap for each county party to help them however they need it most. For some, it may be social media. For others, a website that local folks can update themselves, but whose backend is managed centrally (this makes it cheaper and means each county party can go at its own pace and does not require local web developer expertise).

  • Use my fundraising skills to pay for the above items so that county parties don’t have to pay for this digital expansion themselves.

  • Last but definitely not least: Listen. I know I don’t know everything and I know there are some amazing ideas out there among Kansas Democrats. I promise that I will listen and do my best to incorporate what I hear into action items for us as a party.

You can see a more detailed version of my platform on my website, I would invite you to ask me questions via email at or via phone at 913-353-8033. And if you’ve got more suggestions on how we can take our party’s communications to the next level, I’d love to hear them.

As described above, I believe I have the experience, skillset and ideas to be an excellent Secretary of the Kansas Democratic Party, and I hope to earn your vote with my enthusiasm, competence, and detailed plans for our party going forward. Thank you for all that you do for Kansas Democrats!

I ask for your vote on March 2nd to be the next Secretary of the Kansas Democratic Party.


George Hanna for Secretary

My name is George Hanna, a life-long Democrat and activist. Since the early 90’s I have volunteered on behalf of Kathleen Sibelius, Jim Slattery and Joan Wagnon. I have chaired committees for the USD501 board and been elected as local union president. Most recently, I have spent the last four years working full time on behalf of democrats all over Kansas as a Nation Delegate, training with the PCCC in Washington, and candidate for Representative of the 47th District. After a defeat in a district that has been ruled by the GOP for the last 43 years, it would be easy for someone to give up and go fishing. I am too proud of Kansas ideals to lie down and allow good people to be manipulated and taken advantage of.

A lot has happened over the last several days since I announced I would be seeking the chair position. I am honored to have received so much support from all areas throughout Kansas. We all share an opportunity to duplicate the gains of 2016 under our Democratic Governor.

I sought my election to the executive board because I was concerned of the direction our party has been heading. Much has happened over the last week to help ease my concern. The nomination of Brandon Johnson, a fantastic choice for vice-chair, who brings as dynamic a past as my own to draw upon for a truly sympathetic understanding of what faces so many Kansans, is encouraging. I believe that diverse new members on the KDP board serves to strengthen our party.

Kansas Democratic Party represents all of Kansas, not just a particular faction or county. We can’t have a unified party when a certain group or county is dictating the narrative for the entire party. Combating this dysfunction is what motivated me to run in the first place. I wish to promote a balanced executive board capable of working closely with Governor Kelly and our elected legislators. My greatest concern is that by continuing to pursue the position of chair, I myself may be promoting the divisiveness I wish to overcome, hindering our ability to promote our outstanding party platform or recruit winning candidates.

It is for the above reasons I will suspend my bid for chair, not seek reelection of the Veterans & Military Families Caucus to bring my strong relationship with our state’s organized labor unions, proven organizational skills and respectful communication to the position of Secretary of the Kansas Democratic Party.

I ask for your vote on Saturday, March 2nd.

Thank you for all the hard work you do! See you this weekend.


Gina Long for Treasurer

I am running for Treasurer of the KDP, and I humbly ask for your support.

My mini FAQ:

  • Born in Hutchinson, the granddaughter of farmers and daughter of a nurse and a radio technician

  • Family moved to Nebraska and became part of a closely-knit union-led community

  • Attended a Regents college on a full-ride honors scholarship in Nebraska, where I served as President of the Locke & Key Political Science Society

  • Served as a field organizer for Bob Kerrey's gubernatorial and Senate campaigns

  • Lived in Colombia and Mexico for two years, settled in Arizona while working for an international bank, then moved back to Nebraska, working as a Spanish translator and interpreter for the federal government

  • Returned to my birthplace of Hutchinson in 2011, taking a work transfer to care for my terminally ill mother

  • Became active with the Reno County Democrats in 2012, and currently serving as Chair, previously as Vice Chair and Secretary

  • Currently serving as Resolutions Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party

  • Previously served as Vice Chair of the LGBT Caucus

  • Have one son, Andrew, who is 23 and very active in local campaigns

My goals as Kansas Democratic Party Treasurer are:

  • Prepare and deliver strong reports to the state committee, continuing to build on a commitment to transparent budgeting

  • Expand on recurring income programs such as the Blue Kansas Club

  • Help county parties transition to fundraising in an increasingly cashless society by accepting credit and debit cards, and via online transactions

  • Ensure that the Big First Congressional District is represented at the highest levels of the Kansas Democratic Party

Please, let me know if you have any questions.

I have ask for your vote for Treasurer of the state party.