There are 63 counties in the First Congressional District (KS-01) and 26 counties have an organized county party. If your county is not organized we will help you organize and lead your county party. Join us in turning the Big First District into a progressive example for Kansas.

Organized Counties

Barton County

Laura Patzner, Chair
Scott Mitchum, Vice Chair

Chase County

Scott Dawson, Chair
Cindy Hoedel, Vice Chair

Clark County

Hilary Foster, Chair
Douglas Graff, Vice Chair

Dickinson County

Jo Schwartz, Chair
Ron Sare, Vice CHair

Ellis County

Henry Schwaller, Chair
Janis Lee, Vice Chair

Ellsworth County

Patrick Hoffman, Chair
Anna Hand, Vice Chair

Finney County

Cynthia Marsh, Chair
Jimmy Beard, Vice Chair

Ford County

Johnny Dunlap III, Chair
Glenda Woods, Vice Chair

Geary County

Kim Bradney, Chair
Randy Dean, Vice Chair

Lincoln County

Phyllis Winckler, Chair
Truett McQueen, Vice Chair

Lyon County

Raymond Rogers, Chair
Kelly Atherton, Vice Chair

Marion County

Eileen Sieger, Chair
Martin Holler, Vice Chair

Marshall County

Jim Swim, Chair
Megan Fletcher, Vice Chair

McPherson County

Von Peterson, Chair
Diane Yowell, Vice Chair

Morris County

Shelley Dunham, Chair
Gary Catlin, Vice Chair

Pawnee County

Steven Lewis, Chair
Cynthia Perez, Vice Chair

Pottawatomie County

Dan Knupp, Chair
Ruth Kerr, Vice Chair

Reno County

Gina Long, Chair
Jeff Roberson, Vice Chair

Rice County

David Serrault, Chair
Elaine Williamson, Vice Chair

Riley County

Carl Reed, Chair
Karen Hawes, Vice Chair

Rooks County

Nathan Grebowiec, Chair

Saline County

Janis Morris, Chair
Greg Stephens, Vice Chair

Seward County

Kay Burtzloff, Chair
Royce Kitts, Vice Chair

Smith County

Trey Joy, Chair
Kelli Schmidt, Vice Chair

Thomas County

Sandra Hill, Chair
Connor Mountford, Vice Chair

Trego County

Sandra Stenzel, Chair
Stanley Siglinger, Vice Chair

Wabaunsee County

Mary Reed Spencer, Chair
Steve Hund, Vice Chair


Unorganized Counties

Cheyenne County

Clay County

Cloud County

Decatur County

Gove County

Graham County

Grant County

Gray County

Greeley County

Hamilton County

Haskell County

Hodgeman County

Jewell County

Kearny County

Lane County

Meade County

Mitchell County

Morton County

Ness County

Norton County

Osborne County

Ottawa County

Phillips County

Rawlins County

Republic County

Rush County

Russell County

Scott County

Sheridan County

Sherman County

Stanton County

Stevens County

Wallace County

Washington County

Wichita County